Telluride Yoga Festival

The second cool thing that happened in that first two weeks of cycle three is the Telluride Yoga Festival. This is another amazing weekend if you can swing it. Some of you might be thinking, wow Sunshine, you get to go to Fertile Soul Retreats, weekly acupuncture, and yoga festivals? Must be nice. Well, it is nice. I worked really hard in college and got out to get a job that is also a lot of work and something that I honestly don’t enjoy doing very much. But what I do love about my job and the fact that Cloudy also has a great job is that we get to live in an amazing part of this country that has all the outdoor activities that we love and beautiful views to boot. And I get to attend things that fill my life with immense joy and healing. I get to travel to not so distant places for cool things like retreats and festivals. Plus, since I live in a relatively small town we do not have the culture and experiences available in large cities. I do not have very many opportunities to study with awesome yoga instructors. And so, in order to keep my own practice and my teaching evolving, I go to festivals and workshops whenever I can. I know I am lucky, but I also get to do these things because I work for them and make them a priority. I know my life will change when we have kids and I try to live my relatively free life to the fullest until then. I just got really off topic. I didn’t even see that coming.

Anyway, back to the Telluride Yoga Festival. It is wicked sweet. Yoga aside, it is one of my favorite weekends of the year. First of all Telluride is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I always say that if I didn’t want to have kids I would move there. I personally would not want to raise my kids there for fear of giving them a very skewed portrait of reality. Because it is unreal there, especially in July, perfect sunny 70 degree days. Gorgeous gardens everywhere you look. Everything is within walking distance and there is even a perfect little path along the river for getting there. I usually stay with a bunch of amazing women, I wish I had more time spent this way. Woman can be so good for each other. We usually stay in a great house with a hot tub. Then there is the yoga. 3 days of practicing and studying with some of the best teachers out there. It is always moving and transformative for me. If you go you have to try a class with Alana Kaivalya and I am also a huge fan of Beryl Bender Birch and Mark Whitwell. My body and mind never feel as open and receptive as they do that weekend. I love yoga, my ovaries love yoga too!


One thought on “Telluride Yoga Festival

  1. LOL, well, I live about 30 miles from Telluride, so we have the proximity to there without actually living in a billionaire’s paradise.. 🙂 Where do you live?!

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