Fertile Soul Retreat

As I began my third cycle in our adventure, (keep in mind that it is the third cycle but 9 months since we started trying to make babies), I had some pretty fun and interesting things coming up. The first one I want to talk about is the Fertile Soul Retreat that I went to with Dr. Randine Lewis. When I read her book I remember thinking that I wish I lived close to where she practices so that I could see her. But it probably wouldn’t matter because she is world renowned and it would most likely never be possible to get an appointment any way. I was just in love with what she did and thought it would be cool to work with her. Well, lo and behold, she was doing a retreat in my state, granted it was six hours away but it was in my state! I had to go, I had to have an opportunity to work with her. The website encourages partners to go, so when I told Cloudy about it he wanted to go too. Due to the drive we had to make we missed the first session Friday night but we got to spend all day Saturday and Sunday with her and half of Monday. It was a relatively small group and that made it so nice. Some of the women there had been to retreats before, some even had children. But they all had really long histories of infertility and had been through every type of fertility treatment available. This retreat seemed to be a last ditch effort for most of them. I was so touched by the women and the stories they shared, I felt honored to be there with them but I felt as if I hadn’t earned the right to be there. After all, I had only been trying 9 months, and I hadn’t tried any tough medical stuff yet. But they made me feel very comfortable and like I belonged. They were happy for Cloudy and I that we had found this retreat this early on in our process. Cloudy was a little uncomfortable but he was also worried that some of the women in the group would not feel comfortable having a man there. We all talked it over an everyone was really happy to have him there. He provided a strength and balance to the group. For me the best parts of the retreat were hearing the stories of others and having a place to tell my story. And of course getting acupuncture treatments by Randine and her staff. We all got individual treatments and health evaluations by a staff member of Fertile soul. The woman we saw was really nice and obviously very experienced and compassionate about her work. She diagnosed my patterns as stagnant liver chi, kidney yin deficient, spleen chi deficient, and slightly damp. Her treatment was very relaxing and I felt great afterwards. She did say the words I was dreading but actually sensed coming “You need to cut out all forms of sugar” NO!!! I have a deep deep love and appreciation for sugar. (Read severe addiction) She helped me to feel better and worse by saying that getting a woman with PCOS off of sugar was like getting a crack addict off of crack. At least she understood what a challenge it would be for me, even in PCOS denial. She told me to add chromium and NAC to my supplement regimen to help with the sugar cravings. She also said that the castor oil packs were really great and to keep that up. She didn’t think it would be long.

On the last day of the retreat we did a group acupuncture session and that was really neat. We all laid down in a circle, heads in, and then Randine and her assistant both came around and added needles and adjusted others. It was cool, I thought it was a neat way to receive treatment. Being around Randine was nice. She is super down to earth and still passionate about her work even though she has seen thousands of women with stories just like ours. She also thought that it wouldn’t take Cloudy and I very long to have some success. I’m so glad I did the retreat and I would recommend it to anyone with fertility challenges. One thing I would note, even though I loved having Cloudy there with me and it really showed me that we were in this journey together, I’m not sure it was absolutely imperative that he be there. If your man is certifiably physically fit to make children and you are wondering if you need to talk him into going or you don’t know if the extra money is in your budget, go by yourself. It will still be amazing and healing.


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