The Preview

This blog is about being a woman and living life. For me right now, that means trying to get pregnant again and for the first time; eventually this blog will reveal what exactly that means. The beautiful thing that I have gotten out of my struggles so far with baby making is a growing knowledge of the ways of this human body and a blossoming friendship with it. I have always wanted to be a mother, and the clock started seriously ticking around age 24. Since then, every spring (and summer and fall and winter if I’m completely honest) I get a crazy urge to make/buy/borrow/steal a baby.* However, I have had to just live with these urges and make due with loving on my friend’s children because I wanted to at least try to do this with the man of my dreams but I did not meet him until I was 25 and I did not date him until I was 27. But at 29, I married him and began the efforts in earnest. We were married on 10.10.10 and leading up to that day I had a slogan “married in October, pregnant by December”. That is not what happened. If it had happened, I would be holding at least one amazing child today instead of blogging, but I would not have met and befriended my ovaries. So I will share my story with you, people of the internet. My purpose is to get my story out into the world because it is much bigger and well suited than the tiny dark corner I am keeping it in now. It is a release for me but I hope it can be informative, inspirational, and relatable for others. All of the blogs I follow about infertility end up with really adorable baby pictures, so I’m going to try it. Maybe blogging is the next great cure for infertility.

If this blog were a book and the back cover had one of those paragraphs to give you the gist to decide if you wanted to read the whole thing it would say:

A lovely and funny thirty something woman, Sunshine, and her fun-loving and supportive husband, Cloudy, embark on an everyday adventure to make cute babies and raise them to be conscious caring adults. Along the way they deal with difficulties making said babies, and even harder times when a first success ends in loss. Join Sunshine as she details her story and befriends her ovaries, a story of love, pain and natural fertility treatments. It remains to be seen how Sunshine and Cloudy will arrive at their happily-ever-after but it does seem they will have it.

So follow along because life is more rewarding when it is shared with others. Leave comments, share your blog and story with me, let’s be friends, I’ll introduce you to my ovaries!

*That sentence made me sound a little crazy, and I can assure you that I would never steal a baby, I would and may adopt, although I would not refer to it as buying children. So please, let me get a few more posts up before you decide if you think I’m crazy or not.


3 thoughts on “The Preview

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m headed over to check out your blog right now! This is such an amazing place for women to connect. I can’t wait to follow along with your journey.

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